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Born in Palencia, Spain in November 1980.

Rebellious teen, willing to learn and experiment, crazy for fashion, cool, observant, and very perfectionist.

Studies in Image Consultancy, Beauty. Graduated in Fashion Design and Tailoring.

I worked as a designer for some important brands in the past, as a pattern maker in a small clothing atelier with exclusive customers, on my own fashion brand and as a personal shopper but in 2011, I decided to make a big change.


I moved to London.

After a great and cool GAP year, I got a job as a part-time sales assistant up to reaching the role of deputy manager years later.

Simultaneously, I started to organise photoshoots with fashion teams as a creative director and stylist and one day I decided to learn photography on my own. I built a basic studio in my apartment and started to practice with myself.

I found in photography a new way of artistic expression.

You can discover my experiments, my evolution, and some of my thoughts in my photo galleries on this website.

My new hobby was going well. I decided to bet on it and quit my full-time job to invest more time doing what I liked.

Social media helped to get my first customers interested in my pictures.

I created a bigger studio fully equipped to make better pictures and I did some modeling jobs for other great photographers too.

Also, I started to sell online my clothing on Vinted, Etsy, and vintage markets.

I love customer service, fashion, photography, and creativity.

I registered my profile in several agencies to work as a supporting artist in cinema.

Again, a fantastic new discovery that I loved since I stepped into a cinema set in 2016.

I got an extended list of jobs working as an SA in remarkable films, TV series, and commercials, many of them featured.

I had the chance to work as a stand-in and double and I had the opportunity to work on some spoken roles for awarded festival films.

After ten years of wonderful living in London the pandemic and the lockdown gave me the opportunity to get a new vision in 2020.

I found a fantastic warehouse based in Hackney Wick to create a fantastic photography studio from scratch so I focused all my energy on building a creative place where I can work, live and rent.

I am not shooting myself lately but I do to other people. Anyway, I will be back!!

If you are one of my customers or guests, thanks for everything.

Thanks for reading.

Best wishes,

Quina Mons


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